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Sample Lead Management Portal


Customers Problem:

Synopsis: A company needs an intuitive solution to replace their current cumbersome lead management method. The sales manager would also like to have a way to easily keep track of any work that his staff does with these leads. When they built their website, their lead generator titled "Web Inquiry Form" was designed to send an email to their sales department with all of the information on that form filled out by the customer. The sales staff uses that information to make cold calls or send emails. When a lead is converted into a customer, the person that closes the sale enters the customers information and project requirements in a spreadsheet which they share with their manager during their weekly meetings. YUCK!

Solution Objectives:

Build a database for all functions of lead and customer management.
- Do not allow staff to delete leads.
- Allow staff to convert dead leads to customers.

Build a portal for the sales staff to manage leads and convert them to a customer or descard them with the click of a button.
- Provide the staff with controls for re-classifying a lead as a customer or a dead lead.
- Provide the manager with controls for viewing reports.
- Provide the manager with database cleanup abilities without providing administrative access.
- Provide manager with method for re-assigning leads to other sales staff.